The Archers

If you don't know about The Archers then you will probably be even more confused after following these links!

Ambridge in Borsetshire exists in a geo-magnetic anomaly, which bends the space-time continuum in a similar manner to that found at Lake Wobegone in America's Mid-West. Maps do not always show these anomalies as the curvature of the earth's surface at these points makes map drawing extremely complicated, and cartographers prefer to not bother, thus saving themselves a lot of time and effort. Maps of Ambridge and environs have been drawn, some possibly by natives, but they rarely agree with each other (a common failing in that Ambridge residents often do not agree with each other). The links below show several examples. Dan's Archers page has another. And yet another is to be found on the BBC Archers site. Penny Maye's new umra page has a 1994 aerial view. If you know of any others or can send a scan to me, please do so to

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