Some interesting sites from round the world.

The first page on the internet

NORAD's Santa tracking website - follow Santa's journey around the world.

Turn off the internet! - Go on! Why don't you?

Buy your food straight from the farm.  Avoid the low quality pap sold to you by the supermarkets.  Visit Farm Direct.

ISP Review - reviews of UK Internet Service Providers

Deutches Bahn Web Site - it's in english and is easier to use than the "official" British railway sites, even for journeys in the UK!

Boycott Microsoft! - read why here

No Exit Press publish good quality crime fiction, and for books in general you should check out the search engine

BooksEnter keywords...

Buy a book online

the source of all knowledge?

Latest news on crop circles here, also plenty more links!

The Fortean Times website!

My favourite search engines are Altavista, Google and Mamma, the mother of all search engines.  You could download Copernic 2001 which will run simultaneously on up to 20 search engines.


Amazing satellite views of the earth and moon.

Submit your web site here and also get a website tune-up!

I built most of these pages using a careware HTML editor called Arachnophilia. Why don't you try it? It's free. As is 1st Page 2000 which I have just started to use.

Lots of useful information about Windoze and other computing issues here at Surfbaud.

A massive compilation of computing links on Tony Drewry's page here.

Links to weather maps and meteorological organisations here. Also details of Chris & Julia's round the world voyage on Perdika.

A world wide index of underground railways!

Take a look at some images from the Hubble Telescope, which is in orbit around the earth.  Warning! Some of these take a long time to download.

Need a UK street map?  Click here

Stuff about Richard III who was actually a "good thing" not the monster portrayed in Shakespeare's play.

Fight Spam! Useful resources here.

Ambridge, click on the left hand link for maps and other Archers stuff.  If you don't know about the history of Ambridge then go here!

Javascript Source logo Click on the logo to visit the Javascript source for all sorts of neat effects.

Some of my web site resources links here!

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