Bristol City Council

The city is a unitary authority since 1994, but holds a charter giving it county status granted in 1373.  It has been run by Labour for most of the last fifty years with a few periods of no overall control.

The official city site contains much information, including details of councillors listed by electoral ward. After the June 2001 election, Labour has a majority of ten, as a result of gaining four seats.  Here is the present make up of the council.

The ruling Labour Group introduced a system of so-called cabinet government in May 2000.  Most committees were abolished and decisions are taken by executive members and senior officers.  Decisions are supposedly overseen by scrutiny committees but in practice they have little real power.  There is a so-called Democracy Commission for Bristol.  This body seems to be fairly secretive in the usual Bristol manner and how it is formulated and controlled is not at all obvious.  The Commission is currently meeting weekly at 7pm on a Thursday evening in the Council House.  Its meetings are apparantley open to the public and all are allegedly welcome.   Agendas available here.